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Pterocarpus Marsupium

Written By: Frank - Aug• 11•12

Pterocarpus Marsupium which is also known as the Indian Kino tree is a tree that can grow up to 30 meters tall.  It is a medium to large deciduous tree  which grows in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

This tree is a natural wonder in ayurveda.  Parts of the tree (heart wood, leaves, flowers) have long been proven time and time again as an effective astringent and in the treatment of inflammation and diabetes.  In some areas of India the bark is pound into a paste mixture to treat some dysentery illnesses.   The gum resins the only herbal product ever found to regenerate beta cells that make insulin in the pancreas.

The trees heartwood contains flavanoids.  These flavanoids are believed to be the source of the plants anti-diabetic effects.  There have been many clinical trials which have confirmed the anti-diabetic benefits.  Research seems to show that the Pterocarpus’ anti-diabetic properties works by reducing the absorptionof glucose i the gastrointestinal tract, leading to improved insulin and pro-insulin levels in the blood.  Ptercarpus has also been shown to promote the regeneration of pancreatic B cells.

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Sari Pleat Maker

Written By: Frank - May• 05•12

This pleat maker by Sari Saheli makes wearing any sari easy.  This product allows you to make perfect front pleats as well as palla pleats by yourself in minutes.  One of the hardest parts of wearing a sari is to get nice clean looking pleats.  Normally you don’t have enough fingers to hold the pleats, or enough hands to keep everything in place while you are making them. For the novice a sari can look very complex and hard to do (how to wear a sari), but with the pleat maker one of the more complex steps is easily accomplished.  For the advanced sari wearer this product will speed up the time for you to wear a sari.  This pleatmaker allows anyone from the novice, to an advanced sari wearer to easily make perfect looking pleats every time.   See how easy it is with the video below:


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Valuable gemstone products and jewelries

Written By: BrandExpert - Dec• 30•11

Valuable gemstone products and jewelries

Precious stones are made up of minerals which are deposited in the layers of rocks and when the stones are polished and cut into shapes — it becomes suitable to be used in making shinning jewelries. There are also many types of substances which are used in making jewelries which looks likes gemstones but is not mineral. Soft minerals which are used in jewelries are famous for its luster and rarity. There are many groups, varieties and species of precious stones and gemologists are experts who can tell about the quality of stone and its market value. These stones are classified on the basis of its hardness, luster, cleavage, dispersion and refractive index.

Astrologers believe gemstones have the property to enhance luck.Vedic astrology believes the stones can help in healing if it is worn on an appropriately dates and time to make it in sync with the desired astrological conditions. Rough stones are found in raw state which is mined to create the stones attractive. The irregular shapes of rough gemstones are polished to ensure the energies are focused. Polished gemstones are used in the form of touchstones in western societies to enhance luck and it is believed if it is placed or rubbed properly it provides healing property. These powerful stones contain vital energies which can be utilized by the body and it promotes recovery, clarity in thoughts, passion, protection and good health.

There are many varieties in crystals and gemstones which have different colors indicting different forms of energies. The energy fields in crystal moves in constant motions which emit energy in a specified frequency and it influences the individual wearing the crystal.

Some of the commonly used gemstones in jewelries are


Diamonds are known for great sparkle as it helps to breakdown light and create rainbows. Diamonds requires fashioning to show the properties and it is embedded in jewelries, watches, costumes and many forms of luxury items which raise its value .Astrologically it is believed diamond promotes luxury and richness.


Amethyst is the stone which is effective to ensure peace in mind and body and it also enhances spiritual awareness, visualization, meditation and composure. It helps to shift energies to high frequencies to enhance energy at spiritual level.

Blue Topaz

Topaz is believed to enhance communication and improve foresight.


Coral helps to balance energy and reduce depression or negative flow of emotions.


Turquoise is known to promote anti negativity and protect the body. It encourages self realization and problem solving.

India is one of the main centers where the gemstones are polished and integrated to jewelries and Anything Indian offers many types of gemstone based jewelries made in rare styles and designs. There are also copies of stones used in making artificial jewelries and many different types of artificial and original diamond jewelries are offered at Anything Indian.

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Nutritional dry fruits

Written By: BrandExpert - Dec• 28•11

Nutritional dry fruits

Dry fruits are occasionally taken in diet to ensure intake of certain vitamins and minerals. If taken in moderation dry fruits provide very high nutritional value. The process used to prepare dry fruits should be proper to retain its nutritional values. Dry fruits may not contain certain components such as flavonoids which are destroyed due to high heat and light but many types of minerals and vitamins are restored in it and it also contains high amount of fibre.


There are many reasons to eat dry fruits. Dry fruits are delicious and are added to many different types of sweets and food preparation. Dry fruits can be stored for long and it retains the nutritional values and it is a source of dietary fiber.

Plums, raisins, dried figs, almonds and dates are very high in fibers. Dried fruits contain potassium which is the mineral required by the body to keep the nervous system working. It contains iron needed for enhancing the delivery of oxygen in the body. Dry fruits also contain B-Complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and magnesium.


Raisin is the dry fruits which is used to prevent constipation, if taken after soaking in a glass of water and taken early in the morning. Raisins are high in iron and it should be taken by anemic people. It also helps to gain weight and nourish ageing tissues.

Cashew nuts

Cashews are rich in proteins and fiber. It contains mono-saturated fat which is helpful in preventing heart problems and it is a good source of Vitamin B, potassium and Folate. It also contains selenium, phosphorous, magnesium and copper.


Almonds help in re-nourishment of body and mind. It contains unsaturated fats which are assumed to have medicinal properties which help in improving the functioning of body organs. Almond paste can be applied regularly on face to make it look nourished and soft and almond oil can be used in case of headache to reduce pain. It is also effective on skin rashes and eczema.


Walnuts are nuts which contain high amount of omega -3 fatty acids which helps to reduce triglycerides.


Dates can be taken after soaking in water to prevent constipation as it contains laxative properties which help to reduce bowel problems. It also contains small amount of nicotine and it is taken to reduce the effects of alcohol intoxication.


Pistachios is the pista which is used on ice creams and it should be taken by people suffering from diabetes as it helps to reduce blood sugar and also protect cardiovascular functions. It can be taken regularly to improve the eyesight and for digestion as it contains high amount of fiber and proteins.
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Lentils and Pulses: Safe and easy to digest high protein food

Written By: BrandExpert - Dec• 25•11

Lentils and Pulses: Safe and easy to digest high protein food


Eggs, seeds, legumes, pulses, fish, meat and dairy products contains high amount of proteins. Proteins are made up of a chain of amino acids which plays a major role to catalyze chemical reactions. In case you are planning to take high protein diet for weight loss, go for diet high in fiber to ensure easy digestion. Plant based high protein diet not only fulfills the nutritional requirement of body but also ensures easy digestion. Enzymes carry out many types of chemical reactions and it also manipulates DNA processes. It is required for growth and development of human body. Proteins helps to rebuild tissues and body builders require additional proteins to repair damaged tissues.

Many overweight individuals are advised to take high proteins and low carb diet for weight loss. Protein increases the risk of developing heart diseases, kidney stones, stroke and osteoporosis. High protein diet is required for proper growth and you should take adequate amount of proteins each day (46 gms for women and 56 gms for men) which is converted into energy to regulate body functions. People who suffer from protein deficiency can have muscle atrophy and it will lead to impaired functioning of human body.

Below is the list of the foods high in proteins -


Low sodium cheese should be taken for high amount of proteins. Cheese contains as high as 41.6 gms of proteins per 100 gms serving. Some of the cheese types are Romano, Swiss and Mozzarella which are soft spreadable cheese fulfilling major body requirements.


Beans, mature soybeans and Lupin beans contain 25 to 40 gms of protein in one cup of serving.

Lean meat and Beef

Lean cuts of meat provides high amount of proteins which is around 36 gms per 100 gms of serving.

Squash, Pumpkin, and Watermelon Seeds

Pumpkin and squash contains 74.8 gms of proteins in one cup of serving and watermelon contains 28 gms of proteins in 100 gms serving.

Fish and fish eggs

Fish contains high amount of oils and fats, and Tuna contains approximately 30 gms of proteins in 100 gms serving.


Lentils and pulses

Lentils are high source of proteins and it is mostly taken by vegans to fulfill protein requirement in the body. Lentils contain approximately 25.8 gms of proteins in 100 gms of serving. Vegetables and pulses are considered very good source of proteins because it contains plant based nutrients which are easy to digest as compared to non- vegetarian sources of proteins and it does not lose the nutritious value even if it is processed or powdered.

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