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Natural ways to cure high blood pressure

Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 26•11

Natural ways to cure high blood pressure

blood pressure

When the heart pumps the blood through the arteries, it pushes it across the blood vessels from the heart to the feet, the pressure on the walls of arteries and blood vessels is called blood pressure, which is highest at the point where the blood starts flowing from the aorta to the capillaries and the pressure is lowered in the smaller capillaries. Generally, the blood goes to heart and is moved by muscles contractions and also by gravity.

Some of the common facts about high blood pressure are -

Many of us do not even know we are suffering from high blood pressure.

High blood pressure has become the second leading reason for visiting doctors’ office in US.

It is the main cause for stroke, kidney failures, heart attack and peripheral diseases, and sometimes, the person may suffer fatal conditions in minutes, due to the problem.

Generally, if the condition of high blood pressure deteriorates the walls of aorta is widened and it lead to ballooning of the aorta and hence, uncontrolled or undiagnosed condition of heart failure can be the cause of death or disability.

Approximately five liters of blood is transported across the blood vessels to the body parts and blood is also responsible for carrying oxygen to the body organs – which are necessary for rejuvenating tissues and for feeling healthy.

If the blood vessels have inbuilt cholesterol which is deposited in the inner wall of the arteries , the blood finds it difficult to flow in the blood vessels and the blood pressure increases . Hence, people who suffer from high blood pressure should take care of their diet and lifestyle to prevent extreme conditions. High blood pressure indicates the arteries close to the heart are stiff and it is not flexible and in such case, you need to be careful and take care of your food.

Some of the changes in diet pattern and living style which can help you to recover from the problem are -

  • Avoid smoking and reduce intake of alcohol, if you want to reduce blood pressure and save heart problems.
  • Do exercise regularly as it helps to burn extra fat form the body and provides energy to the body organs. It improves blood flow to body organs in a convenient manner.
  • Reduce intake of salt or avoid salt for at least one day in a week.
  • Control anger, anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Take rest in between heavy mental work and take meals on time.

You can also order for herbal cure for high blood pressure which helps to easily manage the condition and improve blood flow in the blood vessels by preventing deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels.

Feeling low, weak? It can be iron deficiency or anemia

Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 25•11

Feeling low, weak? It can be iron deficiency or anemia
More than ten percent of people above the age of 65 suffer from anemia and the condition is also common in women. If you are looking pale and dull and have an increased heart rate, suffer from breathlessness and lack of energy, it may be because you are not taking adequate amount of iron through diet and even if you are taking iron in diet, it may happen the body is unable to absorb iron through the digestive system, which has caused a low iron content in the body and it also leads to number of other symptoms such as

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Swollen tongue or sore
  • Jaundice or yellow skin, eyes or mouth
  • Delayed growth
  • Impaired wounds

Not only adult even children may suffer from anemia due to a number of reasons such as poor nutrition, infection or intake of certain medications.

There are some food types which may hinder the absorption of iron through the digestive system. For example: if you have a habit of taking coffee or tea immediately after a food rich in iron, you may suffer from low absorption of iron which may cause the symptoms of anemia.

There are many different types of anemia such as sickle cell anemia, aplastic anemia, chronic anemia, hemolytic anemia and megaloblastic (pernicious) anemia.

Anemia can be caused by iron deficiency and in such case, the patient is provided with iron supplement to fulfill the requirement of iron.


In case the body suffers from anemia caused by vitamin deficiency, which means the body is not getting adequate vitamins to ensure absorption of iron into the body, you are provided with the supplement of the vitamins and also a proper diet is suggested for effective intake of both vitamins and minerals.

There are also certain rare anemia forms which are caused by defective blood cells and it results in shortage of hemoglobin in the body. Most of the other types of condition require proper are and regular medications.

The method to diagnose anemia is taking medical history of the child and blood examination.

The doctor may even do a biopsy to find out the maturity, size, number and various other features of blood cells.
The condition of low hemoglobin is a temporary condition and sometimes, people do not even realize they are suffering from low hemoglobin. Many people find out about the condition they go to blood donation camps. You need to take adequate amount of meat and liver to fulfill iron requirement. Also you can increase intake of apricots, raisins, prunes and beans to get adequate amount of iron. Green leafy vegetables, wheat germs, dried beans and orange juice should be taken to enhance intake of iron through diet.

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    Iron deficiency can cause hair loss?

    Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 25•11

    Iron deficiency can cause hair loss?
    Generally, women in the age of 40 to 45 years undergo a series of changes at the physical and mental level, and many of these changes are associated to menopause but one should be careful if you are suffering from hair loss in this age as it can be caused by iron deficiency. In a study of 75 premenopausal women it was found most of the women suffered from iron deficiency. The study was carried out at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland and it was found that lowering level of iron was behind hair loss. If you are regularly suffering from hair loss from month or years, you need to take supplement to fulfill the demand for iron.

    What iron does for human body?
    Blood’s main component is formed from iron which helps in the production of hemoglobin and it also helps to carry oxygen to various parts of body through the red blood cells. It is also found in myoglobin which is a type of hemoglobin found in muscles.

    If you are not taking adequate amount of iron through food, the places which are considered non essential by the body such as hair and skin will suffer and you will suffer from hair loss.

    If the body fails to absorb adequate amount of iron through food the negative balance is created and iron depletion in the body also leads to anemia.

    If the body has fewer amounts of iron stores, you suffer form three types of conditions -

    • Reduced iron stores, which means the previously stored iron is not exhausted. In this condition, the body may not show low iron in regular tests.
    • It may happen the body suffers from iron depletion and the hemoglobin level may show up normal in regular blood tests. In such cases, the patient may be asked to increase iron intake.
    • In severe condition, you may be suffering from anemia, in which, the hemoglobin level is also below the desired level. The patient suffers from dizziness, weakness and may also have gastro intestinal bleeding. In such conditions, you are given iron supplements.

    If you are suffering from iron deficiency, you need to be careful about your diet and eating patterns. Check your eating style and see what mistakes are causing poor absorption of iron by the body. In case you are taking inadequate amount of nutrition but are still suffering from low hemoglobin levels, then your food combination or style of eating is not ok. There are certain foods which can hinder the absorption of iron in the body such as coffee, tea and egg etc.

    Vitamin C and fresh foods enhances absorption of iron in the body and it should be taken together.
    Iron is lost if you have poor digestion, ulcers, you use anti acids and if you suffer from intestinal bleeding.
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    What mothers need to know for taking care of a baby? (in the first four weeks of birth )

    Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 24•11

    What mothers need to know for taking care of a baby? (in the first four weeks of birth )
    If a mother is prepared for taking proper care of a new born, it will prevent a lot of inconvenience and tears of both mother and the child. Mothers feel bad and inadequate if they are not taking proper care of the baby, and they may also feel emotionally disturbed because becoming mother is a job which requires full time (almost 24 hours) work and great dedication. Some women prepare for the food and keep a good stock of freeze foods and favorite meals for themselves before going to labor, and there are also mothers who take training for holding, feeding and cleaning the baby.
    Actually, a new born is very delicate and you need to do every work carefully and cautiously. The baby is so fragile in the first few weeks that you need to keep harsh things away. Many women are backed by loving family where you have grandma, sisters or even an experienced staff to help you to take care of the baby. In the first few weeks of birth the mother may not get enough sleep as the work is too much and if you have other kids in the house, you should send them to day camp or call somebody to take care of them, as they too suffer neglect as the new baby is born.

    The important things you need to stock before the baby comes to your house are diapers and wipes. The skin of the baby is soft, so use the soft diapers and wipes for cleaning to prevent scratching. If the mother is not healthy enough in the first few weeks and in such situation people who are around, should help in cleaning the baby and changing diapers.


    The parents may have to pay visit to the doctors to ensure the weight of the baby is increasing as required and if the weight is not increasing – you need to take advice from the expert doctors. Mothers of new born are not in a position to entertain guests or people who visit regularly their house as they do not have time for themselves.
    Multitasking and working when the baby is sleep, is the key to do all your works. You cannot sleep with the baby for long, if you are alone taking care of the house and other works, the job is actually very hectic but heavenly for mothers of new born.
    You need a lot of things and baby items to ensure proper care of the baby and some of the infant kits are provided at our shop of Anything Indian. Anything Indian also provides a range of herbal products for the mother of newborn for easy health recovery.

    Factors determining growth patterns in children

    Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 22•11

    Factors determining growth patterns in children

    Many parents complain of poor growth in their children and you must have heard parents asking for remedies to cure growth disorders in their children? There are also children who suffer from cartilage problems and certain inherent conditions which may hinder growth. Some children are taller than parents and some may be short. In the same family, where the food type is same and home environment is also same, why the growth patterns of children differ and what are the conditions determining growth in children. How can you recognize these growth-related problems in your children and what are the simple remedies which help to ensure proper growth in children?

    Growth in a baby

    A baby can be 20 inches in height and it grows 10 inches more in the 1st year while in the second year growth can be reduced by half of the first year, which means by the age of 2, the child will be just 35 inches tall. After 2 years the child grows fasters at a rate of 2 and 2.5 inches.

    Growth spurts

    Growth spurt begins in boys at the age of 13 and girls at 11, and pubertal growth lasts for 2 years. Growth may stop in the age of 16 to 18 years and when the growth stops the bones fuse.

    How to tell growth maturity?

    Growth of an adult is determined by genetic factors and the various conditions including food, environment, stress, health factors etc., determine it. X-ray helps the doctors to find out about the maturity of bones and to tell if the child can further grow of not.

    Late to grow

    There are conditions when a child is shorter than most of his friends of the same age and the condition is called constitutional growth delay, in which the boy or girls may have delayed growth, adolescence and even maturation. These children are shortest in their age mates and they enter puberty almost two, three or four years after other children of the same age but they may have normal growth later and they may grow as tall as their parents.


    Effect of nutrition on growth

    Nutritional deficiencies can cause poor growth and hence children suffering from intestinal disorders should take remedies to prevent it. If intestine fails to absorb nutrition from the food, the boy or girl may have a poor growth and children suffering from the problem may have poor bowel movements and unusual patterns of bowel. To cure the condition parents are advised to take care of the diet of the children and provide them with special nutrition to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

    There are many health foods offered by stores to promote growth in children at Anything Indian. You can even get herbal remedies to enhance absorption of nutrition through intestine and to promote proper bowel habits in children.


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