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Dental creams for bleeding gums / gingivitis

Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 18•11

Dental creams for bleeding gums / gingivitis

Bleeding gums is a common gum disease found in many people across the world and people generally, ignore the problem because it may happen almost every day without any specific cause. Bleeding gums can be tender or swollen gums which can be either infected or may suffer from irritation. Plaques build up on bleeding gums and it may become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow along the cavities of teeth or the gums. This may lead to gingivitis or inflammation. Gums may bleed due any of the following causes -

  • If you are chewing certain food which causes irritation
  • Taking soda or sugar based drinks can cause a smell of distinctive acids and it can worsen the condition of the teeth.
  • Eating candies and chocolates can even be bad for teeth.
  • Improper flossing / brushing can cause bad breath and cavities in teeth.
  • Changes in hormones during pregnancy make the gums too sensitive, which can cause irritation and bleeding.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin K
  • Problem of Leukemia
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Improperly fitted teeth

Risks of gum disease

Gum disease not only cause inconvenience to people but it may cause serious conditions and it can also raise the risk of stroke or atherosclerosis, where the bacteria from the dental plaque can build up and result in blood clotting. It is very important to keep the teeth clean and clean the plaques regularly to maintain dental health.
Proper dental products are also required for curing the problem of bad breadth which is found in more than 95% of the adults and it can be caused by a number of factors such as intake of onion, garlic or due to food particles trapped in the between the teeth. Even people who regularly smoke or eat certain narcotics may have brown teeth. Bad breadth can also be caused by medical problems, stomach disorders and kidney disorders.
For maintaining oral hygiene you need to follow the steps -

  • Use tooth brush to clean the teeth and the tongue. Bacteria in mouth can cause bad odors.
  • Sometimes, certain medications or foods can cause bad odor and to eliminate it, you should keep a check on foods and medication you are taking.
  • Take plenty of water as it helps to get rid of toxins from the body.
  • Take toothpaste which contains fluoride as it helps to prevent bad breath and keeps the teeth clean.
  • Children suffer from cavities, if they do not follow proper dental routine and hence, children should be advised to follow proper dental care regimen which includes regular brushing and flossing.

There are also certain home remedies you can use to whiten up your teeth such as -Take vinegar, salt and baking soda together and if you use it to brush on your teeth for some minutes and then rinse your mouth with lots of water, it will get brightened up.

Ayurvedic / Herbal dental care products offer amazing results to avert gingivitis and you can take it to improve the overall condition of your teeth. Some of the ayurvedic products offered at online store of Anything Indian are -

Natural and effective herbal dental care

Written By: BrandExpert - Nov• 18•11

Natural and effective herbal dental care
There are many varieties of gum treatments offered at stores which claim to provide you complete protection against germs and infections but people in the current age are suffering from various kinds of teeth disorders and the main reason is poor care, eating sweets and use of strong chemical-based substances on teeth.

Tooth structure – Tooth is made up of bone like material which is hard and inside the tooth there are blood vessels and nerves. Tooth disorders commonly found in people are tooth decay, cavities, injuries and infections.

Benefits of ayurvedic dental creams

  • The herbal dental creams prepared through ayurvedic methodologies helps to provide complete oral care in a natural way.
  • The herbal toothpastes and creams are made up of herbs which have the properties of reducing pain and it is more effective as it is more human body friendly as compared to the chemicals prepared in laboratory for reveling pain and inflammation.
  • The products have supporting herbs to empower the body to easily make use of the properties of the main herbs to protect the teeth.
  • Herbal dental care products are supported by body’s immune system and it helps to restore bone structure and tissue structure.

Ingredients in herbal / ayurvedic dental care products
Generally, the herbal dental care products are prepared through the combination of plant / tree products extracted from Neem , Meswak , Babool and it is combined with the Pomegranate , natural fluoride and triphala, and the dental creams contain Flurospar which is a the combination of fluorine and lime. It serves as the natural source of fluoride which protects the tooth enamel from damage and it also helps to tighten loosening teeth. It serves astringent which is very effective in promoting gum health. Neem which is found in dental care creams helps to enhance the immune system of the body and its regular use is highly effective in curing many types of teeth disorders.

Some of the herbs found in herbal dental care products are -

  • Xanthoxylum alatum (Tumburu) – Effective in curing bleeding gums and teeth.
  • Embelia ribes (Vidanga) – Possesses anti-bacterial properties and helps to fight E-Coli infection.
  • Triphala (contains three herbs Terminalia chebula, Emblica officinalis and Terminalia bellirica) – It is an astringent which prevents bleeding.
  • Acacia Arabica (Babbula) – Acacia Arabica can be used for external application to prevent mouth ulcers.

One of the common problems of tooth disorder is toothache which may be caused due to worn down or loose teeth and you may have to see the dentist to cure the problem. You can use plant based dental care products designed specifically in two categories – one for normal use and another for diabetic patients to cure such problems and these products are offered at online store of Anything Indian -

How to have a glossy healthy skin?

Written By: BrandExpert - Oct• 26•11

How to have a glossy healthy skin?

Many of us suffer from cracked dry skin and it happens due to environmental changes, hereditary factor or due to poor care of skin. If you have dry skin, you may regularly have to moisturize the skin to keep it shiny and if you have oily skin, you need a treatment to prevent accumulation of toxins and harmful substances on the pores of the skin to prevent acne. While people having dry skin need to keep a check on their diet, even if you have oily skin you should avoid spicy and high fat foods, which can further make the skin oily.

People, who regularly suffer from constipation, generally have the problem of acne or psoriasis. In such conditions, you need to increase intake of water, which helps to dehydrate the body and it also helps in eliminating waste products from the body. You should take at least 6-8 glasses of water depending on environmental conditions.

Take diet rich in fiber because it helps to improve the digestion system. Reports have depicted the benefits of fiber in diet and you should include flaxseeds, beans, nuts, vegetables and fruits everyday in your diet.

Take whole grains instead of refined foods to reduce the problem of constipation and take brown rice which contains high amount of fiber as compared to white rice.
The best supplement for skin care is omega-3 fatty acid -which is found in fish and flaxseeds. Walnut oils are also great natural products which help in improving the texture of skin.
It is very important to have a proper blood circulation to help the blood to carry oxygen to various body organs and to improve the flow of nutrients to the body organs. You can go for body message if you wish to reduce stress and anxiety, and people who are always sitting in front of computer, should do regular exercises to reduce puffiness and loss of muscle tone.

Sugar is not only harmful to the body but it also causes ageing. There are reports which confirm the theory that sugar increases the pace of ageing and people who wish to stay young should reduce intake of sugar in diet. Sugar starts the process called glycation, in which, the sugar you take attacks the protein molecules of the body and the new molecules which are formed after the process creates end products which can damage the fibrous tissues of the skin causing wrinkles.

Take fresh water bath instead of hot water. Taking hot water bath improves blood flow in capillaries but it can even steal the water content of your skin and cause dryness. You should not take bath with hot water regularly, if you wish to keep the skin moisturized.

Buy natural moisturizers, sunscreens and cleansers to protect skin against environmental pollution and chemicals. The store of Anything Indian offers greatest range in skin friendly beauty products and cosmetics, and it is one of the biggest stores of herbal beauty products., from where can buy unique herbal skin care products.

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Why you should not take proteins and carbohydrate foods together?

Written By: BrandExpert - Oct• 25•11

Why you should not take proteins and carbohydrate foods together?

There are certain combinations of foods which may leave you feeling dull or unsatisfied. Sometimes, you feel sleepy after taking a meal and are unable to do your everyday work. There are some lethargy inducing foods and sometimes, you suffer from extreme pain, chronic fatigue or digestive problems. Today people have sedentary life style but the eating habits include carbohydrates and fats in high quantities. The foods prepared by most of the food joints are made from refined oil which results in deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Cholesterol deposition in the blood vessels results in high blood pressure and heart related disorders. Therefore, more and more people suffer from heart related disorders because the fats and carbohydrates taken by the body is not utilized as energy by the body instead it is deposited in the body.

If you do not take the right combination of foods, the digestive system may not work properly and you may suffer from various forms of digestive disorders and how should you combine food types to reduce the problem of deposition of toxins in the body parts?

Below is the given the list of foods which should not be combined together while taking a meal -

Proteins are the foods which require stomach acid for digestion, while carbohydrates require alkaline environment for digestion. So it you take carbohydrate with proteins the digestion process of carbohydrates gets delayed and for both the types of food the digestion happens one by one. Hence, it is not the best way to combine proteins and carbohydrates.

In case you take high carb diet and protein together, the proteins will be digested first and if you again take another diet rich in proteins in sometime, then the food in the form of carbohydrates is not digested and it is stored in the body. All the forms of junk foods are high in carbohydrates and it adds to your weight because the food is not digested in a way to be utilized as energy by the body instead it is stored in the body and it makes you look bulky.

  • Pulses in the form of dried bean or lentils have natural combination of components, which you can take to have proper digestion of proteins.
  • Fats can be combined with pulses or carbohydrates, and vegetables and salads should be taken with all types of foods.
  • Especially, sprouted legumes are advised by dieticians to take regularly, and it can be either taken individually or combined with proteins.
  • Herbs, seeds, vegetables and fruits are considered neutral foods, and fruits such as apples and berries have adequate components which are needed for proper digestion of foods.
  • The timing of taking fruits is very important to support the digestive system and it is mostly advised to take fruits, 20 minutes after or before a meal.

    Anything Indian offers arrange of products to reduce the problems of stomach and digestive system as given below-

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Arthritis – Easily cured by herbal medicines

Written By: BrandExpert - Oct• 25•11

Arthritis – Easily cured by herbal medicines

Joint pain and arthritis are conditions, which can ruthlessly affect the working capabilities of an individual, although, the problem is not considered to be a severe problem. Osteoarthritis is the condition which mostly aggravates with age and people who suffer from obesity are further at the risk of developing pain at the joints due to overweight.

There are other types of condition such as rheumatoid arthritis which is an inflammatory condition involving swelling and pain at the joints and sometimes, people suffer from remissions of pain. There are more than hundred types of arthritis and in the conventional system of medicines patients are advised to take pain killers to reduce pain because there are no cure for the condition, but if you take a general painkiller, you may need it everyday when you suffer from pain and also the pain killers can be harsh on natural system of the body and it can also have certain side effects. Hence, it is not considered to be the best cure for joint pain.

There are many natural substances which offer better nutrition to enable you to fight infections and reduce the pain, and some of the natural foods which help to reduce pain are -

  • Take fish oil – Fish oil extracted from tuna, sardines and salmon helps in reducing cholesterol and it also enhances blood flow to enable the body to get nutrition to help in development of broken and injured tissues at the joints.
  • Vitamin C is also required by the body to fight infections, and fruits such as blueberries and peaches are high in antioxidants – which are required to fight free radicals.
  • Vitamin E content is high in nuts and you should take fresh raw nuts to get good amount of nutrition and antioxidant.
  • Ginger and turmeric are also rich in antioxidants, and it possesses anti inflammatory properties which is also found in curry powders.

There are also certain foods which may aggravate the problem of joint pain and it should be avoided. Some of the foods which may cause joint pains are -Dairy products, food high in saturated fats and certain vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes etc. The best way to fight arthritis is by avoiding foods which may cause pain. Every condition of pain differs from other and you need to find out the pattern of your condition.

Ayurveda offers rare cure through plants which are packed into small herbal capsules and the power of these capsules can offer rare benefits.

Herbs are highly beneficial because it contains the properties to improve blood flow into the blood vessels because the herbs have the properties to reduce the level of cholesterol in blood vessels to improve blood flow. Anything Indian offers rare herbal treatments and ayurveda preparations which are extremely useful in improving the blood flow and it also cures many different types of blood flow problems.
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